Japan Day 1 2012 – Shiohaku Event

As some of you may know, I went to Japan in August. I have yet to post up any pictures but for some folks who have been looking at my twitter or the Facebook fanpage would probably realised I’m working on the pictures occasionally and sharing them!

Pictures are taken on 24 August 2012, which was the day I reached Japan ^^.

At Shinjuku area, going to check in.

First meal in Japan. Rather expensive place we ate at since we were undecided where to lunch. But the meal is oishii desu! :3



Rather late after checking in, so rushed down to Shiohaku Event before they ended for the day.



The whole main point of going down was to take THIS!! Ayanami Rei 18-foot long slide. LOL.











For more pictures (and also probably faster updates of pictures) do check out the links below:

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