Aya Hirano to Voice in Hunter x Hunter Movie

Upcoming Hunter x Hunter Movie: Phantom Rogue will include Aya Hirano too, as she voices Retsu. She previously voiced hunter examiner Menchi in the currently airing anime series.

Japanese music duo YUZU will perform the theme song “Reason” for the movie. The duo are working with Hyadain (Kuroko’s Basketball, Toriko, Bodacious Space Pirates) for the song.

This is awesome news! Love Hyadain songs. A little amused that Aya Hirano will be voicing anime roles (again).

The movie will center around the character Kurapika, who became a hunter to seek revenge on the Phantom Troupe for the massacre of his clan. The movie will premiere in Japan on 12 January 2013, and tickets will go on sale this 3 November.

Source: ANN


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