Launched! v3.0

As promised, Zotaku is back with a new layout which was coded by me. It is my first time building a theme using a framework – I have never really coded much things in my entire life since I am always downloading a specific theme and tweaking it according to how I want the layout to be. As such there are always limitations when I am looking to change to a new theme.

So Zotaku hasn’t had a change of clothes in forever, until today. Very proud to have completed the new layout after 5 late nights ;_;

We have a small banner the last time, so I decided to go for a more “WOW” banner, making it big. Of course I received some criticism that the banner is too overwhelming so I have decided to tone down a bit by using another picture for the banner.

The banner picture you see at the top was originally this:

Cropped quite a bit at the sides; so hopefully it won’t be an eyesore for some folks >_<.

As v3.0 is a responsive theme, this means reading on your smartphones or smaller resolution screens is okay! The only con is that the reader won’t have a nice-looking banner. Oh well, content is more important no matter the screen size? ;)

Viewed at 940px

Viewed at 1920px

Viewed on the iPad!

Being fond of the grid layout I see in some themes nowadays, I decided to play around with the codes to get the grid layout. They are only available if you browse through the AUTHORSTAGS or CATEGORIES links. Was perhaps going to have a grid layout for the main page but decided it would be boring as I need to convert to a simple banner.

What you will see if you browse the FIGURINE category.

I have also linked Facebook/Twitter to Zotaku so it will be easier and faster to share the love frequently now. No more MIA from me.

It’s been ages since I last looked at CSS. It was extremely tedious to design a menu bar last time and now it is so simple to create your own menu bar! WordPress sure has evolved!

Anyway I hope you enjoy the theme I designed and I will still be tweaking some minor stuff but I don’t think you will notice ^^.

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