Precure Series to Continue For Long

There has been a rumor that Dokidoki! PreCure is the final installment of the PreCure anime series due to a statement made by managing director, Hidenori Oyama at the “Anime Business Forum + 2012″ held at Digital Hollywood University in Tokyo. He comments, “The PreCure series has reached its eighth season and 376 episodes have been produced. PreCure is a 10-year project. About 50 episodes are made for one season every year. So we will produce about 500 episodes in total.” His “10-year project” remark has made many fans to believe the 10th season Dokidoki may be the last one.

Well fear not Precure fans. At the press conference for the upcoming Dokidoki! Precure anime, Hiroyuki Matsushita, the producer of Dokidoki who has been working on the PreCure series since the seventh season Heartcatch PreCure! said, “The series has reached the 10th year. But it has been only 10 years. We definitely want to continue the series for 20, 30 years more.”

Dokidoki! PreCure will premiere in Japan on February 3rd.

Any Precure series you caught?

Source: ANN, Crunchyroll

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