YUI Returns to Music as Part of Band “FLOWER FLOWER”

YUI who previously went on hiatus last year, will resume her activities as part of rock band FLOWER FLOWER.

The band will perform at live event “JAPAN JAM 2013” which will be held at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on May 4. The band will then play at the Tokyo Metropolitan Rock Festival 2013 on May 26. Flower Flower has launched an official website and Twitter account.

FLOWER FLOWER is the band formed by YUI herself after she called to her the musicians she respected, and she serves as the vocalist and guitarist of the band with the name of “yui” with her completely new look of short blond hair. Apparently, the band started a studio session at the beginning of this year, and also held secret live performances at several locations across Japan since last month.

yui said, “I thought that I would be able to purely enjoy music by creating sound with these members. New flashes and the possibility in music are naturally expanding from each member’s idea and performance.” She also explained regarding the name of the band, “I wanted to give it an unaffected and natural name. There may be so many cool names, but I dared to make it a name that sounds relaxing, and can stay in your head. I hope we can express our powerful and interesting ideas freely.”

It is currently unknown whether the band will release any work at this moment.

So what are your thoughts on this? The change of image did shocked me LOL.

Source: TokyoHive

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