I Made a Jump to the Samsung S4

I’m sure some of you know by now – I made the jump from being an iOS user to.. Android now! Previously my first smartphone was a HTC, followed by the iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 and now Samsung S4. This is my first android phone so it’s all pretty new to me. I am still learning everyday from my phone.

Bought it for 328 SGD over here in Singapore on a phone contract. Got it on launch date here, on 27 April.

So with some customizing I was finally able to get this lovely lock screen featuring Ishihara Kaori.

My home screen is also Kaori. Used the Metrostation icons pack to make my homescreen neat (at least they are of the same color).

Asking around, some comrades recommended me to try the official Twitter app for my phone. I really hate how Twitter app works on the iOS (I use Tweetbot). After tinkering a while, I guess the Twitter app on the Android ain’t that bad after all.

Picked up a 6 dollars TPU blue-colored case from a guy in Singapore. I will be changing it soon as I prefer a flip case..

While the S4 is selling pretty well, at the same time there are criticism from people that there isn’t much improvement from S3. Then we have people comparing the Note II with S4.

So if you ask me? Just get the phone you think you will like. Don’t read reviews comparing which phone is the superior one. If you like a big screen phone whereby everyone can see what you are typing: Get the Note II. Of course if you are going to paste a privacy screen protector over it then getting the Note II is pretty dumb of you ^^”

Regardless I also have an iPad (3rd Generation) so the Note II was a no go for me.

I don’t have a Note II to compare with the iPad and S4 as seen above, but it’s somewhat between an iPad and S4.

Overall I am pretty satisfied with my new phone. The camera is really amazing that I think I might use my phone camera to snap all my incoming loots!

Taken with Samsung S4 Camera

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