Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS Character Songs 5 Hinata Hakamada [14.08.13]

Character Songs 5 featuring seiyuu Yui Ogura as Hinata Hakamada for the anime series Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS will be out on 14 August 2013. Only 1 type of edition available for preorder.

Track-listing of Character Songs 5

  1. ぼーる・みーつ・がーる
  2. Get goal! – No.8 MIX
  3. 慧心学園初等部女子ミニバスケットボール部SNS~活動日誌~『うみのうた。さくしさっきょく、ひな』(袴田ひなた)
  4. ぼーる・みーつ・がーる (Instrumental)
  5. Get goal! – No.8 MIX (Instrumental)

Single Title: Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS Character Songs 5
Catalog Number: WHV-1000412332
Release Date: 14 August 2013
Retail Price
: 1,575 yen
Preorder atCDJapan

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