Nintendo 3DS XL Review

Its that time of the year when I feel like spending some monies just to reward myself. Work is getting stressful and tiring, so, just 1 week ago I got myself a new gaming console – the Nintendo 3DS XL. Although the DS craze has been around for some time, I never found myself attracted to getting the new 3DS, even after Nintendo announced a price drop of the console. It is also probably due to lack of time that gave me this mindset ^^”

Check out one of the commercials for the 3DS XL.

Some specs of the 3DS XL

  • in 2D and 3D
  • Upper Screen: 4.88 inches
  • Lower Screen: 4.18 inches
  • 2 outer cameras
  • 1 inner camera
  • 336g
  • 4GB SD card included

The 3DS XL is region locked. Got myself the local set which is able to play US and local region games. Only thing that I would be losing out on is Club Nintendo. Overall I still prefer a 1 year warranty for my new gadgets.

Picked up two games with my new console: Cooking Mama 4 and Super Mario Bros 2.

A SD card compared to the game card. Ordered myself a card case so that I can carry around when I am traveling. It should arrive this week!

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Digital version) on my 3DS XL. Bought it at 19.99 USD. Have only spent approximately 1 hour on it though ^^”.

I am still exploring the 3DS system. Will post more game/loots once they arrive.

2DS will arrive this month, but I decided to go for the 3DS model as I prefer the clam design.

One thing to look foward to now is the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, happening this 12 October 2013! Be sure to grab your 3DS (or 2DS) console if you haven’t done so!

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