Petanko Mini! Trading Figures: Fate/Zero

Penguin Parade has started preorders of Petanko Mini! Trading Figures: Fate/Zero.

Figure: Petanko Mini! Trading Figures: Fate/Zero
: Penguin Parade
Scale: Non (Approximately 45 mm)
Release Date
: May 2014
Retail Price
: 7,340 yen
Preorder at
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More Details

The cute sitting ‘Petanko’ series of chibi figures have been shrunk down to half their original size to create the Petanko Mini! trading figure series!

The third set of figures to join the series come from the popular anime ‘Fate/Zero’, featuring 10 characters to collect: Saber, Saber: Armor Ver., Irisviel, Illyasviel, Kariya Matou, Lancer, Archer, Rin Tohsaka, Waver and Sola-Ui. Be sure to collect and display them all!

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